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Are You Swimming In A Sea Of Digital Communications?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Have your email, voicemail, text, and instant message inboxes exploded?

Here are three questions to ask yourself that will help you manage all your digital communications more productively.

1. HOW - Evaluate “HOW” you received the message and the best way to send your answer.

Did it only come in email? Then answer only in email. Did it come by email and phone? Then determine if it is easier to call back and have a short conversation rather than typing a novel. Or could typing a paragraph answer be better than jumping on a call risking a long conversation? Is it a text? If it is a “yes” or “no” question or one sentence reply, then text back. If you need to explain something lengthy, do not text, call.

2. WHAT - Analyze “WHAT” you are responding to.

Knowing what the real issue the sender is asking for you to address is critical in determining your response. For example, if a salesperson contacts you and you know that you do not have budget for their product or service, let them know. It is when we do not respond that people try other ways to reach us to get a response. This will help eliminate duplicate messages in the future and ultimately remove unnecessary additional communications that clog your inboxes.

3. WHEN – Answer messages even “WHEN” you do not have an answer.

Sometimes we do not respond to email, voicemails, or texts because we are waiting to give someone a “final” answer. But this could take days, weeks, possibly months. It is best to respond to a message immediately with a short-term answer before you have the final answer. This tells the sender you received their message, and it is on your to-do list to answer them fully.

Following this three-question process will help tame your digital communications. You will find fewer messages in your inboxes, a sense of accomplishment, and the senders will also appreciate you closing the loop. #digitaloverload #communications #bestpractices #email #voicemail #text #messages

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