• Michelle Carlen

Essentials for Being a True Leader

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

People seek leaders in almost any life situation. Leaders tend to inspire us, they renew our faith in the good of humanity, they help us navigate different challenges. I believe leaders are everywhere at any given time all during our lifetime. Leaders are not always in positions of power or authority, but their actions cans always be observed in the environment or realm of which they are in. This could be in a personal setting at home with your family or friends. Perhaps it's at your office in a work environment. Or, it's in your community at-large through a volunteer organization, religious affiliation or the like. Regardless of the setting, here are some key essentials of being a true leader.

Leaders lead by setting an example. Have you followed or been inspired ever by someone who tells people to do something, but can't live up to their own words? No. Leaders lead by taking initiative, usually in a situation where they choose to DO the right thing when it may be easier to take the path of least resistance. Someone who is a leader does not run and hide when things get tough, no instead they SHOW UP. And above that, they see a situation through to its resolution.

Leaders are authentic. Authenticity inspire others. Someone who is a leader is never afraid to show their true colors. They do not wear a mask. They are honest. They say what they mean and mean what they say. You won't have to question their motive or intent because they will always be true to themselves which means being in a state of authenticity.

Leaders hold themselves and those around them accountable. Accountable for what you might say? It could be a colleague of yours who maybe isn't your direct report, but a co-worker who always makes their goal before the end of the month and then offers to help you meet yours. Wouldn't you say that that is one who has held themselves to a standard and then gone above an beyond to help someone else?

Leaders give credit where credit is due. Leaders attract followers though influence. A group of people cannot be lead without being influenced first. Influence occurs when the leader sets out to be the example for something. And once this happens, followers will join the "team" in an effort to accomplish an end goal or see a vision actualized. The leader is always in the forefront however, being the face of an organization or movement. The leader speaks on behalf of it's "team" or followers. But when given attention for accomplishing a goal or vision, a leader does not stay in the limelight, but passes the attention in a grateful way to the "team". Leaders know that it is not their work alone, but the group in its parts creating the whole.

Leaders lead with confidence. Leaders do not allow fear or doubt in. To lead in confidence takes skill, the ability to let go of the "what ifs" and just know that what will be is the right outcome. Truly, it is the trust or belief in one's own ability to make the right decision. It is to be unwavering, grounded.

Where you find these essentials of leading you find a true leader. And when you've found that leader, follow; or if you are inspired to be that leader, by all means go out and find your followers to serve. #leadership #communication #management #teamwork #success #inspiration

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