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Steps to Finding Your Personal Success

Success. What comes to your mind when you read or hear this word? For me it conjures up the idea of achieving goals or seeing an idea come to fruition. Finding success is very personal and yet you may find that you haven't yet received success or are still waiting for that golden ticket.

So, let's shift your perspective into how you can find your success in every day.

Generally, success is defined as achieving desired results whether monetarily or for another measurement of value. Whether you are training for a race, going to school to receive an degree or certification, working to get that next promotion, or focusing your energy on a set outcome, like making a certain amount of money, you will find these concepts helpful.

Success is the product of a steady and gradual build-up of a repeated activity over time. What this means is that every day you wake up you should continue to work on steps to achieve your desired results – eventually making great progress towards your end-goal.

If you have seen the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" you'll identify with this concept. A man is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison for crimes he did not commit. He uses a rock hammer concealed in a bible to slowly – a little bit each day – dig a hole in his prison cell wall and then disperses the dirt onto the prison yards. This happens over a 19-year period before he escapes through the tunnel he dug. My point here is it took TWO decades of daily chiseling with a small hammer to create that tunnel. Talk about repeated activity over time!

Success can be measured in increments. To keep yourself motivated and engaged with meeting your goals, make sure to celebrate the small wins. Giving yourself a pat on the back when gains are made enables you to continue to be actively engaged and motivated as to not give up. I suggest developing a plan, whether it is laid out on paper, maybe a journal, a calendar of specific dates or how you plan to make your goal, keeping track of its increments will help you along the way. Celebrate those incremental wins with a little treat for yourself, this reminds you that you are well on-track to meet your goal.

At times, you may experience roadblocks or setbacks. Viewing roadblocks and setbacks as “par for the course” or just part of “life” will enable you to easily move passed them and meet your achievements. Get noticeably clear on the intention or purpose of your goal. Keeping purpose top of mind will allow for you to develop the determination needed to push through those challenges.

When going after your success remember to understand the whole picture and each stage that gets you to your outcome.

Remember to follow these steps:

1. Continual, steady actions breed results.

2. Measure your success and celebrates those wins along the way.

3. Give yourself daily intention or purpose reminders to keep your determination high.

Success is highly personal and only you can know what success looks like for you. If you are struggling to find it, break it down into steps to get to your goal. Wishing you the best in finding your success! #success #professionaldevelopment #motivation #leadership #businessowner #entrepenuer #goals #goalsetting

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