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The “New Normal” – Embracing Uncertainty and Uncomfortableness

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

As time passes and we continue to navigate the global Coronavirus crisis and its developing impacts, we all wonder what our “new normal” will be. We have never been here before, not one of us. We are in what I call “pioneer territory”. Our new normal is all in what we make it to be, by virtue of the perspective we choose to have, and of our understanding and previous definition of “normal”.

Coronavirus has been, and will continue to be, a catalyst for revealing the illusions of our time. Quite candidly, what we thought was normal (our booming economy, busy lives, and freedom) was never actually CERTAIN; we just perceived it to be. Suddenly, we are waking up to a massive global shift in our collective reality unfolding moment-by-moment.

What we can be confident of, is that the only constant is CHANGE. Change forces us to grow with all its uncertainty and uncomfortableness. It is natural to want to resist all of this, yet when we learn to flow with it and literally embrace it, it becomes less uncomfortable. And we become a better version of who we truly are.

Whether in your organization, professional sphere, or personal life; deciding to go with the flow can help you pivot and be open to new ideas, new opportunities, and new people. This essentially shifts your energy from what previously worked to what will become your new normal. I encourage you to take one moment at a time. Invite yourself to accept and flow with the changes occurring. You do not have to like them, however, you may change your mind further down the road when things start moving in a more positive direction. Until then, challenge yourself to learn what you can and flow as water flows over rocks – freely.

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