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Tips for Managing Your Business and Your Professional Life Through Coronavirus

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

As global citizens, we find ourselves amid unprecedented historical events with the pandemic of the coronavirus and consequential impacts of a "new" way of life and state of normal. The weeks ahead of "shelter-in-place" restrictions and closures of all non-essential business proves to be beyond challenging when your revenue source is limited or cut-off completely. You are being faced with decisions that you hadn't prepared for, let alone ever thought you would have to make.

Following are some helpful tips that you can use as guiding steps as we navigate forward.

1) Remain adaptable and flexible- You may be working with a crisis or emergency contingency plan. While this type of template is helpful in crisis situations, remaining adaptable and flexible is key to best handle the unknowns that are ahead. If your business has not yet implemented "working remotely" this would be the ripe situation to go ahead and allow your employees to do. When you are open to accepting challenges, adopting changes can help you continue regular business. 2) Communicate- If you are the owner or leader of your organization, be sure to communicate to your team with regular daily briefings or digital communications that allow your employees to stay informed, but also remember to care for your team. Simply allowing conversation to address the tension or stress is important. Staying in regular communication also helps employees to feel more confident and motivated. If you are a professional working from home, find a buddy to check-in with daily or weekly to keep you on your task list. 3) Focus on the positive- There is a lot of uncertainly right now, and things will change many times even before you might know what direction to go. The more you can stay focused on what is still positive the better you will fare in the long-term. Practice being grateful for something each day. 4) Keep a routine- Your routine at the office or now working from home is very different. In order to adjust, make sure to schedule blocks of time for the items that need to get done. If you are working from home, get ready and be at your desk like you would be if you were headed to the office. Having routines is important to your health and well-being. Schedule in some time to get outside for a quick walk or breath of fresh air. 5) Innovate- Allow a chunk of time for problem solving when you are not reacting to the immediate needs (like a client that needs to cancel). Creative brainstorming with a group or alone can give new life and ideas on how to think past how business has been conducted traditionally. What is something you can do now in order to give back to your clients or your community organizations that may need help or donations during this trying time. Remember, in facing uncharted territory, we are all in this together. Pass on any new tips or successes you achieve along the way.

Michelle Carlen is the Founder & President of Alignment Advising a business and professional development consulting practice support small businesses and individuals. She consults on business development, marketing communications, organizational development, sales management and long-term strategic planning. Contact: (805) 233-7626 or

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