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Tourism Highlight: Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO's) The Next Frontier

Destination marketing (the promotion of tourism of a geographic area within a given jurisdiction) has evolved over time and just some 40 years ago DMO's began as part of Chamber of Commerce's in most cities around the world. Some decades ago, many broke off and started their own organizations after getting funds from occupancy taxes within local jurisdictions. More recently, DMO's have grown under the tourism assessments funding models. But now, the question has become whether DMO's might be going backwards a little in time as the pandemic presses on. Many have lost up to half of their funding. And prior to COVID-19 many had shifted to "destination management" in addition to their marketing roles. So, what's is destination management and what can we predict for the future of DMO's?

Continue watching our series that I'm participating in with fellow consultant, Carl Ribaudo of SMG Consulting based in Lake Tahoe, and Danna Stroud, destination and recreation marketing consultant from Paso Robles. We answer how DMO's can use destination management beyond the traditional definition and how shifting to include economic modeling and forecasting might lead the DMO of the future.

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