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Alignment Advising is a consulting practice founded on the guiding principle that when something is in "alignment" all parts are adjusted in proper position in relation to each other to allow for coordinated functioning or are arranged for matching agreement. 

As a business owner, leader or individual you may be relatively satisfied with how your business or organization is performing and how your career is moving forward. Conversely, you may be struggling navigating the changes in the economy due to the current COVID-19.  Either way, you are experiencing pain points in your business and career that are preventing you from reaching your goals and ultimately success.  You suspect you are out-of-alignment and an adjustment is needed to clear your path. 

Alignment Advising is here to propel you forward

by helping you achieve alignment.

We work with small businesses and individuals to evaluate, provide analysis and actionable steps, to create alignment so your best success can be achieved.  Through an integrated approach, each client receives a customized step-by-step plan unique to them and their business.


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