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Success Stories: Clients

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Tracy Farhad, President & CEO

"Alignment Advising is a team member that is all there just for you, helping you and your business be successful.  Michelle looks at your business holistically and helps you get ‘unstuck’ by listening like a therapist.  She reflects ideas and concepts back to an individual in a way they understand and offers solid advice they can comfortably implement, producing desired results."

Breath of Freedom

Lisa Schoenthal, Owner 

"Alignment Advising is the perfect name for Michelle’s company. She is a master at gathering together (aligning) what seems like a million little disconnected parts. She was able to see the big picture, ask the right questions, and help me get focused about starting my business, my brand, and my message. Then, she gave me the tools to take action, and focus. Her meaningful and concise newsletter is one of the few emails I actually open and read! Her guidance is priceless and so appreciated."

Roundtree Financial

Kamie Abraham, CFP, MBA & Volunteer Board President

"Alignment Advising helped me with professional organization skills and developing a leadership presence as a business owner and Board President of a volunteer organization.  Michelle taught me to manage my time, figure out processes, taught me how to delegate, communicate more effectively, and professionally train my staff."

Sync Meeting Management

Samuel Thompson, Co-Owner

"When Michelle and I started working together, I was full of uncertainty and had no direction.  She taught me to speak my truth; to take ownership and accountability for my own energy, and to value my time, ultimately aligning me with my priorities.

Alignment Advising simplifies the simple things that we make complicated. We often get in our own way. Michelle removes the roadblocks."

Kim R.

Nonprofit Executive

"Michelle's expertise is her ability to evaluate a person's skill set and align their attributes with a career. Not only did Michelle help prepare me for senior level interview process, but she was also like a friend that encouraged me to keep going, which was so helpful to me."

Katrina Duncan

Event Services Supervisor, The Core Management Company

"Michelle's ability to recognize my unique interests, values, and strengths helped me see and describe my value proposition. As a result, I felt more confident, empowered, and strategic. Not only did she update my resume and prepare me for interviews, she taught me to be discerning about the roles I was applying for. I was prepared for salary negotiations because she had already helped me identify my essential needs. Michelle embodies the phrase, "luck is where opportunity meets preparation."

Kristina Cornejo

Data Analyst

"I hadn't had an updated resume in 15 years and worked with Michelle as I didn't know where to begin. She helped me to understand and formulate my experience, unique skill set and career goals and then put together an updated resume that is clear and concise. I highly recommend working with her."

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