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Tracy Farhad, President & CEO

"Alignment Advising is a team member that is all there just for you, helping you and your business be successful.  Michelle looks at your business holistically and helps you get ‘unstuck’ by listening like a therapist.  She reflects ideas and concepts back to an individual in a way they understand and offers solid advice they can comfortably implement, producing desired results."

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Krista Rupp, Executive Director

"Michelle has a knack for thinking strategically in many different scenarios and translating that into advice for business professionals in leadership roles, whether working individually, in teams, or with a board.  She’s also able to help individuals looking for their career niche, coaching them to identify the intersection of their passion and skills and providing practical steps to fulfillment."

Roundtree Financial

Kamie Abraham, CFP, MBA & Volunteer Board President

"Alignment Advising helped me with professional organization skills and developing a leadership presence as a business owner and Board President of a volunteer organization.  Michelle taught me to manage my time, figure out processes, taught me how to delegate, communicate more effectively, and professionally train my staff."

Sync Meeting Management

Samuel Thompson, Co-Owner

"When Michelle and I started working together, I was full of uncertainty and had no direction.  She taught me to speak my truth; to take ownership and accountability for my own energy, and to value my time, ultimately aligning me with my priorities.

Alignment Advising simplifies the simple things that we make complicated. We often get in our own way. Michelle removes the roadblocks."

Russell of Hotels

Russell Edmond, Owner Entrepreneur

"When I started with working with Alignment Advising, it was difficult for me to see what I was missing in my business. Michelle broke things down into steps and gave me the reason for proposed changes.  

Alignment Advising will put – or keep – your business in alignment. Michelle makes sure your audience understands your business. She takes a 360-degree perspective of your business and – like a chiropractor puts your spine into alignment – she puts your business into alignment."

Kristina Cornejo

Data Analyst

"I hadn't had an updated resume in 15 years and worked with Michelle as I didn't know where to begin. She helped me to understand and formulate my experience, unique skill set and career goals and then put together an updated resume that is clear and concise. I highly recommend working with her."

Amy Lai

Education Director

"When I lost a job during the pandemic, I felt unprepared to compete for opportunities with so many others who were unemployed. I had known Michelle from her time working in the hospitality industry and was eager to benefit from her new venture, Alignment Advising. Michelle quickly gained my respect and confidence with her improvements to my resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile. I was impressed by how she highlighted my strengths, streamlined my resume, and provided clear guidance.

With her gift of coaching, Michelle encouraged me to be persistent and positive after receiving numerous rejection emails. Michelle genuinely cares for you and your success and will do everything in her power to help you achieve your goals. With her incredible insights and advice, I was excited to land my dream job after searching for over a year. I am truly grateful to have Michelle as an ally and look forward to working with her in my new leadership role."

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