Michelle Carlen is the Founder & President of Alignment Advising. With over two decades of career experience, she is dedicated to helping businesses by creating long-term strategy, growing sales, and revenue, implementing process improvements, developing organizational infrastructure, and improving the client and employee experience.  She also helps individuals advance their professional development and gain clarity, confidence, and direction along their career paths. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

With professional experience in hospitality, travel, tourism, and property management, Carlen has cultivated a diverse expertise in representing and supporting a variety of business types and managing teams from: attractions, boutique inns, corporate brand hotels, destinations, museums, restaurants, small retail stores, travel agencies, tour companies, homeowner associations, and non-profit specialty organizations.   

Carlen applies her unique ability to dial into what prevents businesses and individuals from attaining optimum performance and has a passion for translating those findings into strategic planning and practical solutions. She quickly pulls direction and establishes order from parts that seemingly don't connect and brings them into superior working alignment.

Carlen is an active member and volunteer of several small business organizations and entrepreneurial groups.  In her spare time, she enjoys her creative passion of fine art painting in both watercolors and acrylics and selling and exhibiting her work. Visit to explore. Carlen is a Southern California native and enjoys living near the beach, family, and friends.

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