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Michelle Carlen
Strategist | Consultant | Facilitator | Coach

Founder and President of Alignment Advising, Michelle Carlen has worked with hundreds of clients including organizations, leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, employees, and job seekers.  

Michelle is an energetic professional business and career consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator.  She brings enthusiasm, collaboration, and a real-world approach to organizational, business, and professional career development. 

Leveraging 25+ years of expertise in hospitality, travel, tourism, and property management, Carlen produces an array of value-added results for her clients, including impactful and sustainable strategies, improved organizational client experience, executive presence and communication skills, robust growth cycles and bottom line improvements, and positive growth mindsets.

This and more allows Alignment Advising clients to move forward with greater ease and confidence as leaders and team members.

Michelle is a Southern California native, volunteer, advocate, connector, and collaborative peer in local nonprofits, small business organizations, and national entrepreneurial groups. In addition, she is an author and visual artist. 

“Choose the present moment to make small consistent steps towards your goals, ultimately making way for the realization of your dreams”.
~ Michelle Carlen

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"The Art of Connection" Book Author-Contributor Interview 


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