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Gratitude - A Key To Excellent Business Relationships

Updated: Jan 31

Building strong relationships in the business environment are key to your success. How can you quickly strengthen those relationships? Through gratitude. Cultivating a gratitude practice in your workplace will change the health of your organization, from your employees to clients and vendors to colleagues with truly minimal investment.

Expressing sincere thanks is the act of providing communication that imparts appreciation and acknowledgement of that through a kind gesture. Organizations that provide and practice definitive regard and or recognition to employees for a job well-done can see increased benefits, both in level of job satisfaction and performance. A simple "thank you" to your employee or colleague is the easiest way to make an employee feel appreciated. Additionally, it can increase overall employee morale as it will have a ripple effect within the office environment. Other ways to show gratitude include programs that provide recognition to employees that help other staff members and then offer a way of being publicly rewarded for doing so. These are basic tools that any organization can utilize at any moment.

Take this a step further when you and your employees engage with clients. Clients provide the monetary support that fuels revenue. How often are you thanking them? Maybe sometimes. A practice of gratitude can be more than just a way to guarantee future business it can be a bridge to a long-term happy business relationship. Ideas like writing a thank you note, buying the client a thank you gift or sending them tickets to a concert of their favorite musician. What about acknowledging the hard work your client has done by contacting their superiors to tell them so? These are effective ways to express gratitude in a business relationship.

Last but certainly not least, vendors. Vendors within so many business environments are "behind-the-curtain". Often, they are the wheels and gears that keep your organization going and contribute to the overall success. Vendor relationships are crucial and critical in a business environment. The best way to stay in their good favor? You guessed it; a little dose of gratitude. Similarly with clients, a hand-written thank you note, perhaps a dinner out or meeting a vendor’s deadline so they can do their job more efficiently are great ways to express thankfulness.

Giving gratitude is a simple and effective way to create happiness and joy in the workplace, when doing business and in the long-term by supporting business relationships. Express your gratitude and watch your business environment flourish.


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