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One Simple Way To Address Three Employee Needs

One aspect I love about my business is the collaborative work I do with organization leaders and their teams to create a stronger workplace culture. Recently I had the opportunity to facilitate two separate in-person staff retreats.

In observing the leaders of both organizations (each equally incredible and at the top of their game), I was reminded that a successful boss possesses one critical ability: Effective leaders understand that by being open to identifying and fulfilling the needs of their employees, it makes them a better leader, while translating into overwhelming growth and success in business and beyond.

So, how do you help your employees reach a transformative state that pushes your business into groundbreaking growth? Through a well-planned staff retreat that addresses three key needs employees have:

1. The need for connection. Your staff retreat should provide a setting and forum to connect with peers and leaders. During this pandemic, many teams have not been able to come together, except virtually. If, and when possible, I believe meeting in-person, safely (outdoors or distanced) can help team members create a shared experience and enhanced relationships. Connecting and being connected is critical especially if you feel that much of your life is spent at work or working. By connecting outside of your traditional office environment, each person is allowed to show their personal side and it paints a more holistic picture of who makes up your team - allowing you to see traits and expertise you might not have previously been aware of.

2. The need to feel heard and understood or cared for. Often in the office environment you and your team are on “autopilot” – managing a list of to-dos and trying to meet goals. Being on autopilot does not always allow for opportunities to express how individuals are feeling in the moment which can cause frustration to build. Your retreat should serve to create a safe environment for each person to express their ideas and feedback in a way that is validating.

3. The need to feel appreciated and valued. Employees thrive in recognition of a job well done, or when their leader acknowledges not-so-perfect conditions or situations. Everyone on your team is part of an ecosystem and the ecosystem responds collectively to how each person receives appreciation and value - not just what they do in their job, but who they are and how they contribute to your organization and its mission. Your retreat can provide the idyllic time to celebrate wins and acknowledge areas for improvement.

You may think it is too time-consuming to create and run a successful business retreat, or even not worth having one again if the previous one did not produce positive results. Consider bringing in a facilitator that helps sets the tone and provides the framework for what will be accomplished in your shared experience. To get started, allow Alignment Advising to be your partner in planning a transformative staff retreat. Contact us to learn more. #staffretreat #offsiteretreat #retreatplanning #staffmeetings #employeeengagement #professionaldevelopment #organizationalgoals #employeeretension #leadership

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