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3 Tips to Uncover New Business

To maintain a profitable business, we must always be searching for the next sales or relationship that blossoms into business. Have you exhausted all your business development efforts, or have you missed opportunities right under your nose?

Here are three tips to get you new business and/or that next sale:

1) Nurture Relationships - Strengthening existing relationships with prospects or existing clients is the easiest way to find new business. Connect regularly with a personalized touch to all your contacts. Send a handwritten note snail mail, or maybe send their favorite beverage with an invite for them to join you for an in-person or virtual chat. Our connections need to feel connected to us and when they are ready to make a purchase - you’ll be top of mind.

2) Expand Your Reach - When we get in our comfort zone we are not growing, we are just doing what we know which produces the same results. We grow and find new opportunities when we challenge to expand ourselves and our network. With virtual communities flourishing through the pandemic, now is the time to pop into an online networking group that will produce new connections and ultimately new sales. Don’t be shy! Initiate an email, phone, or note card follow-up to start building new connections.

3) Be A Resource – Being a resource in your industry or field is smart way to become accessible and available for new clients to find you. Be sure to post important articles and other tips to your social media feeds regularly. When your prospect or client is ready to make a purchase, they just might reach out to you “the expert” if your credible and visible enough.


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