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The Key To Organization Growth - Closing Skill Gaps

In the dynamic landscape of today's professional world, the rapid evolution of technology and business processes has given rise to skill gaps that can hinder both individual and organizational success. Identifying these gaps and addressing them through a strategic approach is crucial for staying competitive and ensuring sustained growth.

What are skill gaps? They are the difference between skills the employees possess and those that are required for optimal performance.

These are three common skill gaps:

1)     Digital: Technology advances leaps and bounds, at a pace impossible to keep up with. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed but being digitally literate is also a requirement to perform many job functions.

2)     Leadership: People skills, especially as managers of teams and diverse individuals, requires a level of adaptability, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking.

3)     Communication: Effective communication is the backbone of a successful team, yet many individuals struggle with articulating ideas, active listening, and fostering a collaborative environment. This gap can lead to misunderstandings, decreased morale, and impact the overall performance of a team.


So, how can you spot them and close those gaps?

1)     Regular team and one-on-one check ins: Asking the team where they feel they need training, help, or what they feel a little shaky on is the best starting point.


2)     Performance Review Sleuthing: Dive into those performance reviews like a detective with a magnifying glass. Patterns and trends can reveal the skill gaps that need attention.


3)     Stay on top of industry trends: What’s hot in your industry? Trends change faster than you can say "upgrade," and being on top of them helps you stay ahead of the gap game.


4)     Hire a professional development consultant: The depth of expertise and experience a consultant has can give you the unbiased and external perspective you need. The consultant will work to assess, identify, design, and implement training programs that ensure relevant learnings and contribute to individual and collective growth.

Every organization can benefit from examining skill gaps and producing formal ways to consistently identify and develop a plan to overcome them. Leaders become better at leading, and employees become experts in their craft. Don’t underestimate how simple and useful this can be in positively impacting your bottom line.

From providing objective assessments and audits, to creating customized plans that offer training and unique solutions, Alignment Advising provides organizations and its employees with professional development services that put them at the top of their performance.   #organizationaldevelopment #businessgrowth #interpersonalskills #communicationskills #technicalskills #skillgaps

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Identifying skills gaps

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