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A Key Ingredient for Success

Whether in a business environment or in our personal lives, the challenges we face are undoubtedly casting heavy weights on our well-being and attainment of success through 2020.

As a business and professional development consultant and coach, it is my job to provide business organizations and professionals with sound advice, direction, and guidance to navigate and overcome roadblocks faced that prevent the attainment of goals, and ultimately success.

Yes, there is a recipe for success! And in this post, I'm spilling one of my key read on.

How can you as a leader provide a more productive, happy, and fulfilling work environment for your colleagues and staff? And how can you as an individual find the motivation that you may need or desire to find your way through a difficult work situation or even job transition? The answer is in words of encouragement.

Encouragement is "the persuasion to continue to do something or the giving of support, confidence, or hope". When we openly show support of others by giving compliments, celebrating small wins, and acknowledging others hard work, we give encouragement.

Perhaps you may not be on the receiving end of encouragement like you would like. What can you do to change this? Try providing words of encouragement or support to someone in your personal sphere. Truthfully, what goes around comes around, and the act of giving encouragement will return to you in another way, shape or form.

Encouragement can also serve as a motivating force. Without motivation, many lack the ability and desire to act toward completing tasks or to achieve goals. This can be stifling in any situation or environment.

Encouragement is free! Choose to commit to giving and receiving encouragement and see this key ingredient help you and those around you flourish. #bestpractices #businessadvice #goals #encouragement #motivation #success

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Michelle Carlen
Michelle Carlen
Oct 27, 2020

Thank you Lisa. It's great to hear you encourage others. It always comes back around, directly or indirectly.


Unknown member
Oct 14, 2020

Well this is exciting and so true! As an artist who paints landscapes and seascapes it is part of my daily bread to actively encourage people and hopefully, receive support too.

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