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Strengthen Your Resume & Interview Skills With These Tips

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

With so many professionals still seeking new employment, we’re sharing these three tips to improve your resume and interview skill set. 1) Beyond your work experience, the top portion of your resume should be a "cheat sheet" summary of who you are as a candidate. a. Include a strong summary statement of the value and expertise you offer; b. Include all transferrable and competitive skills that set you apart; and c. Highlight your accomplishments and awards that show you stand out. 2) Develop a value statement about yourself that identifies not just the work you do, but how you solved a problem that delivered results. How did that advance the company that you worked for? 3) Know your success stories. Particularly in the interview process, knowing and articulating your success stories is critical. These stories give framework and paint a picture of what you could potentially do for the prospective employer. #resumewriting #resumetips #interviewskills #careertransition #jobhunting #jobsearch

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