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Unemployed? You Are Not Alone.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

One moment, you are employed. And the next, you are suddenly unemployed. You are now at a crossroad.

Well, you are NOT alone.

Perhaps you experienced a job loss due to COVID-19 or even before. No matter the reason, being unemployed may feel like a death sentence. I know, I have been there. Maybe you are doubting your self-worth. Or you equate your value with the caliber of the position you held. Maybe you worry about how long you can last on your savings or worse, your savings is lean. Add to that the anxiety and emotional weight of starting a job search process. It can be dizzying.

Just breathe. I am here to tell you there is hope for a new beginning. Once you move past some of the initial emotions brought about by being unemployed, a door of opportunity can and will open. This is your time and space to reevaluate, rediscover, or uncover your passion, talents, and abilities. It is a time for you to discover and invest in yourself, and what you want to do next. You may think “but I don’t know what I want or how to begin to get there”. Well, here is some good news – it is okay not to have all the answers now. But you can seek out to find them, and I want to help you.

During those times I found myself without work, I learned a great deal about how to align my experience and skills with my passions and opportunities. As your professional development coach, I will support and partner with you, whether you are newly unemployed, or are in career transition (switching jobs between industries).

Consider me your guide as we work together identifying what is overwhelming you and how to move forward with clarity and confidence. We will delve into what is at the core of your experience, skill set, and ultimately what you dream about doing. I will support you through resume and cover letter writing, as well as, provide resources for effective job search and interviewing.

Your unemployment crossroad may be uncomfortable for the moment, but it is a journey to the next stop – a career where you want to be. You are not alone. Let us embark on that journey together. #professionaldevelopment #careercoaching #careertransition #resumewriting #jobsearching #unemployment

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