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Your Word Is Your Currency

When you give someone a “yes” or a verbal commitment, do you keep your word? Your word is hopefully true and honest. When you honor it, you build trust with others over time.

As we adjust to a new a “new normal” demands for your time have likely increased. In your commitments to family, friends, work, and other activities the value you give to others is your word.

Being in the middle of holiday season is an important time to “check yourself” and how true you are to what you say you will do.

At this time of year there are plenty of opportunities to attend a variety of events, activities, and gatherings. If you think you have found a better event to attend, it’s easy to cancel or change plans at the last minute, right? Not so fast. Sticking to your commitments is invaluable and helps build rapport with others. Individuals rely on your word to meet their own monetary and personal commitments, which means you should value your own word. Unless there is some emergency, like your child ended up in the hospital, or you really did come down with COVID or the flu, it is always better to follow your promised plan.

These days it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed with responsibilities. Honoring your word by committing to a certain action reveals who you really are. Yes, there are times you may fall short but if you find yourself saying “yes” to everything, but later cancel or change your “yes” to a “no,” then let me challenge you to consider these three things when you give your word.

1) You may be overcommitting. In your desire to do it all, you may jump at everything that excites you. There is a point though that being overly committed means you cannot give your full attention and presence to the task at hand. Consider limiting your commitments to be true to yourself.

2) Say “yes” only when you really mean it. If you always feel like a better option will come along, please do not say "yes" to something. This may sound innocent, but if you are always saying yes to things and then wait to choose the best option, you let everyone else down. If you can’t decide because you have so many options, please don’t commit until you are absolutely sure you can.

3) Learn to say “no” more often. Saying “no” will give your “yes’s” a better chance to truly be “yes.” Saying “no” can be looked down upon. Yet oftentimes “no” is a better answer especially if your integrity is at stake. Mostly it comes down to prioritizing and time-management.

Once you make a commitment or say “yes” let it be so. Remember, your word is your currency. What’s yours? #business #businessetiquette #professionalism #bestpractices #leadership #executive #coachingskills #timemanagement #productivity #currency #value


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