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Boost Productivity For A Happier You

I have yet to meet someone that has told me that they wished they weren’t so productive! In fact, most professionals wish to be more organized and better able to complete tasks and big projects but have difficulty mastering these skills. At times, dedicating time to fulfilling our job duties can seem impossible.

Easily boost your productivity with these tips:

1) Always Prepare – If you want to feel more in control of your weekly schedule, then you must take control by preparing in advance for meetings or project deadlines. Do you want the meetings that you lead or attend to be shorter? Then, prepare an agenda in advance, email it out and be sure to commit to following that agenda – likely the meeting will end sooner having clear direction of what should be accomplished from the outset. Similarly, when you are working on a project deadline set up quick status meetings with those involved to make sure you are all staying on track.

2) Time Block – Time blocking is precisely what it sounds like…scheduling a block of time in your calendar to complete one specific task. When you do this, it is important to commit to NO interruptions. Typically, one hour to an hour an half is a good amount of time to really dive into a project. You might also try the “Two-Minute” rule which is the idea that you complete as many small tasks as you can that will take you under two minutes to complete. For example, a quick email response back to someone should be under two minutes. This allows you to quickly check off multiple things on your task list. Or, you can employ the “Pomodoro Strategy” using a timer, you set it for 20 or 30 minutes. In that set time you complete as much of a task or project as you can.

3) Streamline – Yes, you can really save a TON of time in the long haul by streamlining. When you take the time to organize a process or a system to work for you continuously you will add minutes to your day. Using digital programs to automate repetitive tasks or organizational tools like an electronic appointment setter or database system to manage your contacts you will breeze through the tasks that once held you back.

Implement these tips in your workday and you will feel calmer, happier, and most importantly more productive. #productivity #productivityhacks #professionaldevelopment #timeblock #prioritize #schedule


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