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Reflection and the Road Ahead

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

For many of us, we would like to never think back on this year 2020, only to wish it gone forever. There is no need for me to even explain what I mean as this is a collective and even global sentiment. What could have gone wrong seemed to. And yet, for this brief time I have your audience, I want to share why it is important to reflect so that you can ultimately move forward and do so positively and with strength.

Reflection is a key tool in learning how to grow. When we reflect, we take stock, and understanding in the events, situations, and things that have occurred. We dissect them to figure out why it happened the way it did. But we can also uncover if a similar circumstance presented itself in the future, how we would handle it better. At least that is my perspective and definition. We may also refer to these as “lessons learned”.

The GREATEST lesson I have learned this year is the realization that as much as we think we are all independent and separate we are a collective. What one does absolutely impacts everyone else on the planet, to varying degrees of course. This Coronavirus started with one person and has now impacted ALL our lives. I share this with you for one reason.

It is the support from family, friends, clients, and business colleagues that have made this year a personal success for me in my business. It has been the ability to really spend time nurturing relationships and developing new ones that has opened my eyes to opportunities I would have never seen if it hadn’t been for this pandemic.

And so, because of how grateful and thankful I am to all of you who have engaged with me this year, I am able to look ahead to 2021 and beyond with great hope. It is a hope that we have so much more to learn and grow through. It may be painful like this year, or it may be joyous! Either way, it is a road that I hope we will continue down together. It's through my interfacing with you that I get to learn and grow, and I attribute my success to that.

Wishing you a peaceful, safe, and happy holiday season full of hope. #motivation #goals #growthgoals

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